1.   Model: ST

      :It's controlled by micro computer.
    :It has a foot switch that works by DC system according to security demands
    :3-way selectable adjustment of the foot switch to enhancing work capacity and comfortable use
    :It has a security door switch that prevents the door opening when sand is being blasted
    :I can show you the blasting time on the LED screen, so the operator is able to check the sand blasting time, the working period, quantity of work pieces, and is able to keep statistic of blastings.
    :It prevents static electricity with fiber glass with carbon fiber gloves inlets.
    :Special designed glass window to easily watch the blasting process and such a glass window is easily changed with low cost.
    :There is a system that's able to check the service life time of the filter gag displayed on micro computer LED that's easily checked and maintained.
    :Automatic turn-off system when not in use
    :Automatically cleaned filter bag and pressure check between dust layers for facilitating the system of filter bag cleaning
    :Sufficient sand amount detection system to display enough amount on micro computer LED
    :It has aspecial accessory which prevents electrocution that will automatically stop the machine
    :It saves electricity, which results in low costs
    :Machine code is applicable for easy operation control
    :Turnable for supporting work pieces up to 1-2 tons that automatically move
    :Automatic door of infoming outgoing work pieces feeding
    Dimension 2400x1200x2650 mm.
    Work Space 1000x900x900 mm.
    Ceramic /Tungsten No.6
    Dust Collector Internal/External+Cyclone
    Filter Internal: bag filter DIA.147x650 mm.
    External: star bag filter DIA.147x1220 mm.
    Total electric power 3 HP