Model : BURN S10,S30,S60
  Size :120/300/600
  Properties : Pressure pot
  It's movable, suitable for using in any job areas.
It has 2 types of blasting control system.
- Control the blast by using value.
- Control the blast by using remote.
It's suitable for blast in the open spaces or in the blast room.
River sand can be used.
It's economized.
  Suitable for :
  Prepare metal's surfaces which big or unmovable work pieces such as tructural jobs, hose's jobs,car jobs, C clutch of the lorry, sea ship etc. Prepare the surface before covered by Poly-Uri train rubber.
  - Dimension 120 p Blasting 1-2 m x m /Hr
- Dimension 300 p Blasting 3-4 m x m /Hr
- Dimension 600 p Blasting 6-8 m x m /Hr